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The International Post Magazine continues to grow and flourish and we are always looking for talented new journalists to expand our project. We are looking for young and curious reporters from all over the world interested in different areas of expertise. You can check on our homepage the topics we already touch upon, but if you have new and creative suggestions we are open to include all ideas that can enrich our magazine.

If you are passionate about digital journalism and would like to publish some of your work, TIP Magazine might be the right place to start from.

All our journalist positions are unpaid, therefore all those who decide to contribute with us are volunteers. If you are interested in any of our open positions, send us your CV and trial article at specifying for which position you are applying for. TIP Magazine reserves the right to choose among the best contributors and to accept or reject an application based on our quality standards.

 Role Descriptions & Responsibilities

VICE EDITOR IN CHIEF: This role requires previous experience in the field of online journalism. The Vice Editor in Chief will work side by side with the Editors in Chief in all the activities related to the management of  the newsroom. This role involves basic knowledge of Social Engine Optimisation, writing and editing skills and a good amount of creativity.

NEWS CHIEF CORRESPONDENTS: The News Chief Correspondents are reporters who are exceptionally qualified on a specific topic and are responsible for the team of journalists of their section. This role involves first of all a high level of preparation on the topic: the News Chief Correspondent will be responsible for the work of the reporters of his section, which implies control of the content, editing and ensuring the respect of the weekly timetable. Aside from all other responsibilities, the News Chief Correspondent of each section will also be required to publish at least one article per week. The News Chief Correspondents are under the responsibility of the Vice Editor and Editors In Chief.

CONTRIBUTORS: Contributors of the different sections are expected to have a good quality preparation on the topic they want to write about. They will be required to publish at least one article per week respecting the deadlines previously agreed with their News Chief Correspondent. We are not looking for pieces of breaking news or simple accounts of the facts, we are looking for new stories, new perspectives and interesting insights.

Our Open Positions

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