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Media and Terrorism: Don’t Play Their Game

The media have covered the Paris attacks with macabre precision. The BBC created a model of the inside of Bataclan, with arrows pointing to where the gunmen fired first and to the emergency exit through which the crowd tried to escape. Italian newspaper “La Stampa” reported the story of a …

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Europe: identity and challenges

The most mainstream political theories on the building of European institutions are clear on what the ingredients for the EU to become a supranational political community are. The common denominator of all these requirements is legitimacy: the extent to which the supranational power is recognized as such. We can get …

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Italian Public Employment: Always Outperformed, Never Outnumbered

Take an inefficient public administration, excessive public employment with low productivity and a repressed private entrepreneurship; mix them all together, et voilà: here you have a fairly accurate portrait of the ill Italian economy. Excessive Public Employment  To offer a practical example: November 2014 in Sicily (a region in Southern Italy) 66 public officials were …

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Retirement Savings Behavior

From April this year, people who retire in the UK with defined contribution pensions will have complete control over how they access their retirement savings. Taxes on withdrawals will be lower, with the first 25% of the money you take out being tax-free. As long as you are over 55, …

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Shaping Teacher Incentives

Governments in charge of delivering public services, such as health and education, have recently turned their attention to policy instruments that increase incentives for productivity and quality of delivery, without substantially increasing costs. New Rules to Increase School Incentives One of such instruments is competition, generally obtained by allowing the mobility of users …

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Are you flying Malaysia Airlines again?

2014 has not been a particularly lucky year for airlines of Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines reported two catastrophic incidents; after the last one, when Flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July, average weekly bookings declined by more than 30%, with numerous flight cancellations just after the disaster. This happened …

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Can Microfinance Reduce Poverty?

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Grameen Bank (the first microfinance institution) Muhammad Yunus famously defined credit as a human right. Today, microfinance providers reach more than 200 million clients globally. In Bangladesh, country of birth of microcredit, the Grameen bank has about 8.5 million borrowers, …

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Food For Thought

There is a restaurant in Pittsburgh whose mission is to serve food only from countries the United States are in conflict with,it is called “Conflict Kitchen”. The idea behind it is to expose Pittsburgh’s palates to an unusual mean of understanding of other traditions. The seduction of food does the …

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Ethics of Photography

The debate on the ethical limits of art and all its mediums such as photography has always been a controversial topic that has not found a definitive answer yet. March 16th, 1978: Aldo Moro, then president of Christian Democracy (Italy’s relative majority party at the time) is kidnapped by a …

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Who is Jean Tirole?

Earlier this month, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for 2014 to Jean Tirole of Toulouse University “for his analysis of market power and regulation”. If you have never heard of Jean Tirole, start by staying on topic and honor the scientific method: …