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Migration emergency and the Balkans

At Europe’s borders stands the Balkan region, one of its cultural hearts. Bridge between our continent and the Middle East, it is crossed by many migrants, in order to reach and enter the EU countries.  Refugees and migrants are desperately trying to move onwards as quickly as possible, for they …

Logo of Boko Haram by Arnold Platon - Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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The Secret Strategies of Isis and Boko Haram in Libya

The new alliance of Boko Haram with Isis could further disrupt the fate of Libya. The terror groups have paved themselves a new path of jihadism to cinch control of the volatile North African region and its migration routes. The UN quickly held a meeting on 13 May in which …

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The “Migrant Crisis”: Narratives at a Dead End

The migrant crisis has brought much dissatisfaction amongst European citizens, and political pressures on their governments. As the EU struggles to handle the migrant crisis, Western and European media, as well as public discourse, are locked in a dead end between competing narratives of whether the migrants are guilty of the …

Photo credits: Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala singing "1944", by Albin Olsson - Licensed by CC BY-SA 4.0 Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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What It Says on the Tin: Politics and the Eurovision

Why did the Ukrainian entry “1944” receive such attention as a “political” song at the Eurovision Song Contest? Yes, of course Eurovision is political – and well beyond the lyrics of this song, or even the voting in country blocks. The song contest, with its strongly proclaimed apolitical mission, serves …

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Italian Migrant Reception System

This article was written by TORTUGA: a student led think-tank of Economics students from Bocconi and LSE University. Its current members are Andrea Cerrato, Francesco Chiocchio, Marco Felici, Francesco Filippucci, Giulia Gitti, Alessandro Greco,Cecilia Mariotti, Alberto Mola, Marco Palladino, Benedetta Pavesi, Isabella Rossi, Matteo Sartori, Giulia Travaglini, Francesca Viotti, Alessandro Zhou e Alessandro Zona. Here …

Presidents Ilham Aliyev, Vladmir Putin and Serzh Sargsyan by - Licensed by Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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Azerbaijan’s Predicament in the Nagorno-Karabakh Row

Peace talks have proven to be difficult for Russia as it tries to negotiate settlements between Armenia and Azerbaijan’s fight over Nagorno-Karabakh. In early April Replica Handbags, Baku’s and Yerevan’s military confrontation has claimed more than 100 lives. The conflict has unleashed bottled-up nationalism and rivalry in both sides as they blame each other of …

Photo credits: French protest in support of Mohamed Bouazizi, “Hero of Tunisia” by Antoine Walter – Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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Tunisia: Five Years After the Arab Spring

What remains of the Arab Spring in Tunisia? TIP Magazine journalist Sonja Wiencke spoke to Sabry Yazidi, young activist and student in Tunis. Tunisia is often portrayed as the “model” of the Arab spring, not only because it was the first country in the region to oust its despotic leader in 2011. Its peaceful revolution …

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Bye bye borders: Revolutionary international treaty enters into force

Unknown to most citizens of this planet, even to most politicians, journalists and scholars, a treaty was secretly signed and ratified by the majority of states within the United Nations. It will enter into force on the 1st of April 2016. Photo credit: Fence Barbed Wire Sicurezza/ Ken Kistler/Public Domain …

Photo credits: Kurdish female fighters of the YPJ defending Rojava by Free Kurdistan – Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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Will Syrian-Kurds Get Semi-Autonomous Rule in Syria?

While major powers are squabbling in the Syrian peace talks, the Syrian-Kurds are lobbying to also participate in the Geneva talks. Their goal is to establish semi-autonomous rule in Northern Syria. The Syrian-Kurds have taken advantage of the five-year war to extend their territories; and with their major role in fighting the Islamic …

Vladmir Putin by Mariajoner – Licensed by Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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Has Russia Achieved its Goals in Syria?

When Russia intervened in the Syrian conflict late last year, they boasted they would bring an end to the war. And now, peace talks are happening in Geneva; Syrians face uncertainties about their country’s fate while the international community worry if there will be greater instability in the region. While the world panics, …