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Brexit: Agreement or compromise?

What’s Brexit? Brexit is an abbreviation for “British exit” that mirrors the term Grexit, which refers to the possibility of the Britain’s withdrawal from the  European Union. Great Britain, which has never adopted the euro currency, wants to withdrawal from the policies stipulated by the European Union and consequently from the …

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The Future of Immigration in Germany

Since the Paris Attacks and Cologne Sex Attacks, attitudes in Germany towards immigration have turned cold. Germany has accepted more refugees than its neighbours, and Merkel was initially praised for her magnanimous gesture. But the rising levels of discontent from citizens, the German parliament and the EU puts the future of immigration at question. How …

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ISIS and terrorism : Istanbul attack

Suicide Bomb Attack in Center of Istanbul 2016 has just started and terrorism strikes again. This time in Istanbul, Turkey, on Tuesday the 12th of January, where a suicide bomb attack killed ten people. The beauty of Istanbul ’s monuments mixes, on a quiet sunny morning around 10am local time, …


The Biggest Moments of 2015

2015 is almost coming to an end so let’s review what events have made international headlines. 7 January, Charlie Hebdo Shootings, Paris Gunmen stormed into the satirical magazine’s offices and murdered 10 journalists, and killed two policemen during their escape. The attacks were in response to the magazine’s latest depiction of …

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Spanish Electoral Debate

The Spanish Political Situation For the last few years, Spain has fluctuated from a bipartisan country to a multi-partisan one. There are currently four political parties that will play an important role in the 20 December elections. The latest polls grant the current Government around 22 % of the votes (according to Metroscopia) …

Photo Credits: Banner in Beiing for the November 1996 w:Forum on China-Africa Cooperation by Stephen Walli - Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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The China-Africa Summit: Chinese Expansionism?

China has pledged $60bn to African development in the China-Africa Summit on 4 December. Since 2009, China has become Africa’s leading trading partner, with exports and imports of commodities, technology, oil, textile and cars. Optimists say the weighty business deals will bring common prosperity, but should the West worry about China’s …

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Climate Change? Yes, We Care!

On November 29th hundreds of thousands of people joined “The People’s Climate March” in cities across the world to call for decisive action against global warming at the upcoming COP21 conference in Paris. More than 600,000 people have taken to the streets in 175 countries around the world to call for …

Photo Credits: United Nations Climate Change Conference, Doha, Qatar, 2012 by Unclimatechange – Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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The Paris Climate Talks: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

New Year’s resolutions are typically about self-delusion and politicians have taken up climate change as their goal. Like a lot of us, they say “this time is for real” and “this time is different”. As we are approaching the Paris Climate Conference, everyone is anticipating a deal that will put …

Photo Credits: News conference during high level Russian-Turkish Cooperation Council, St Petersburg 2013, by The Presidential Press and Information Office from – Licensed by Creative Commons under Wikimedia Commons
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Russia and Turkey’s Tensions Show Hidden Distrusts

Turkey’s shooting of the Russia’s war plane has ignited fury from both countries. Neither side has backed down from their stance; the heated row reveals Moscow and Ankara’s own underlying tensions behind their alliance in fighting the Islamic State. On 24 November 2015, Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 plane which was flying along …

Photo Credits: Pray for Paris by Nithi Anand - Licensed under Creative Commons via Flickr
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Why The Paris Attacks Got More Media Attention

The Paris attacks have united people to stand in solidarity against terrorism and to grieve for those who died. On Facebook you see friends putting up an image of the French flag on their profile pictures while Twitter is inundated with #PrayforParis hashtags. Across the globe, citizens have dedicated vigils to …