Paris Attacks: Major Terrorist Strikes Now and Before

The world mourns for the victims who died in the Paris Attacks this month. Global leaders have joined together pledging to put an end to the Islamic State.  The blasts and shootings killed 129 people and more than 200 wounded. Since the September 11 attacks, George W. Bush vowed that the …


Paris Attacks: How the World Reacted

Pray for Paris In what appears to be the deadliest terror attacks in France in many decades, at least 127 people were reported killed in Paris on Friday night as a series of deadly attacks was staged across the capital city. Some reports say another 200 were injured, as many as 80 seriously. Since …

Photo credits: Image of Aung San Suu Kyi giving speech in 2011 by Htoo Tay Zar - Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons

Myanmar elections shine new hopes for citizens

NLD supporters have flooded the capital city Yangon like a red sea as Myanmar holds its first elections in 25 years. The NLD, led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, is predicted to win the elections by a landslide. Burmese citizens have placed high hopes that their next …


China-Taiwan talks – new hopes for reunification?

Leaders of China and Taiwan met for the first time since 1949 when the Kuomintang (KMT) government was driven out of the mainland by the Communists. This historical meeting marks a special occasion for the Chinese people as this could be a sign of stronger friendship and better prospects for …

United States

Unemployment down in the United States. Never so low since April 2008

In the United States unemployment fell to 5%, a rate never so low since April 2008: there are 271.000 new jobs, while the analysts expected an increase of only 183.000 units. In October, the American companies have created many more jobs than expected and with high-speed, much more than in …


Massacres in Chad and Somalia. New acts of terrorism

Terror in Somalia and Chad New violences in Africa. Now it’s the time of Mogadishu, Somalia, where an armed group called Al Shabab has attacked a hotel in the heart of the capital of Somalia. Someone talks about twenty victims. And in the same hour in Chad there was another …

South China Sea

The South China Sea – What’s at stake?

Tensions in the South China Sea flare up as the US sent a guided-missile destroyer within 12 nautical miles of the man-made islands China had built in the disputed zone. Washington’s bold move is in response to Beijing’s growing assertiveness in claiming the Spratly Islands. As other smaller Asian countries …


80 years ago everybody in Donbas spoke Ukrainian

By NATALIJA MINJAJLO for Retrò Online Magazine – Translated by OLGA MAGALETSKA. Natalija Minjajlo (Cherkassy, 1988), has a master’s degree (2009-2011) in History and a PhD in World History from the “Taras Shevchenko” National University in Kiev. She has been working as a journalist for the “Gazeta” since 2014.  I have spoken to Oleksandr …


Orphans of War in Eastern Ukraine

By Aleksandr Mykhaylenko translated by OLGA MAGALETSKAWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) Aleksandr Mykhajlenko (Donetsk, 1978), achieved a Master’s degree (1999-2005) in Russian philology  from the National University of Donetsk. Since 2015 he works as a journalist for the “Gazeta” in Kiev.  Ukraine’s children of war Donetsk, August 2015. I am …


What is really going on in Eastern Ukraine?

Interview with Andrea Cellino – Former Team Leader of the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine for OSCE Andrea Cellino is a former team leader of the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) where he has worked from April 2014 to September …