Bearing witness in eastern Ukraine: the chronicle of a silent war

Some claim that the war in eastern Ukraine does not exist: it is only a strategic gesture of politically sponsored media outlets. Some speak of a silent war, which hardly claimed any victims. Nevertheless, the war in eastern Ukraine does exist. It exists as much as the airport of Donetsk, which …


Why it’s now or never for Russia to save Assad

Russia’s decision to send in military airstrikes to assist Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has drawn international condemnation. Since the outpour of Syrian migrants making their way to Western Europe, world leaders have become more desperate to end the civil war once and for all. The conflict has ravaged the country …


International Coffee Day: What else?

1st of October 2015 is the first official International Coffee Day (ICD), a holiday designated by the International Coffee Organisation to celebrate one of the world’s most popular drinks in the world.   The Coffee Break is a Global Trend  Whether your “cup of coffee” is a Macchiato, a strong double …


Catalonia’s Electoral Hijack

Catalonia ‘s Secession: The Upcoming Referendum Referenda are political tools with distinctive traits. Power being delegated to the people engenders direct democracy, emphasizing outcome legitimacy. This type of vote offers the ever so comfortable characteristic of inversely taking responsibility off the shoulders of the political class. The more controversial the policy, …


China should keep its promise to let Hong Kong become a democracy

It is been almost one year since Occupy Central shook Hong Kong and Beijing. Despite the movement’s failure, pro-democracy supporters vowed they will continue fight for universal suffrage. Occupy Central has also shown us the great divide between Hong Kong and China has existed before Occupy Central. Photo credit: pasuay …


Syrian Refugees: the European Reaction

10.6 million Syrians have left their country: almost half of all the people in Syria. This is the dramatic result of an unrelenting and devastating war that started back in 2011, after the outbreak of protests against the government. Millions of women, children and men abandoned their beloved land and …


Corrosive Effects of Corruption: the Greek Case

A metro station in Athens, a year before the financial crisis kicked off globally. Dutifully I buy my last ticket of that summer vacation in the Athens metro in order to reach Eleftherios Venizelos airport. My local Greek friend helps me to eschew a bit of confusion by showing me, which …


The War of digital communication between Isis and the Egyptian army

The Battle of the Sinai. Isis on the one side, and Egypt on the other. And propaganda is at the centre of the media scene. Two opposing versions of the war fought around Sheick Zwuaid. The Isis’ video shows a blown up Egyptian military vehicle and a helicopter shot down, …


When Rape Becomes Another Weapon of War

In late October, Radio Dabanga aka “ Rape Radio ”, a small radio station of Darfur, reported the rape of more than 200 women and girls in the village of Tabid. Albeit the atrocity of the event, the international focus shifted to the truthfulness of the news reported, since UNAMID, …


The Plight of the Rohingya Muslims: The World Turns a Blind Eye

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been trapped in the waters of Southeast Asia while the ASEAN nations, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, debate on how to settle the mass influx of migrants trying to cross their borders. The United Nations say Rohingyas are one of the world’s most persecuted people, yet …