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A burden or an asset? The economic impact of immigration in Italy

This article was written by TORTUGA: a student led think-tank of Economics students from Bocconi and LSE University. Its current members are Andrea Cerrato, Francesco Chiocchio, Marco Felici, Francesco Filippucci, Giulia Gitti, Alessandro Greco,Cecilia Mariotti, Alberto Mola, Marco Palladino, Benedetta Pavesi, Isabella Rossi, Matteo Sartori, Giulia Travaglini, Francesca Viotti, Alessandro Zhou e Alessandro Zona. …

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Challenges and Rewards of Running a Startup: Hello Alfred!

Several years ago Marcela Sapone met her future co-founder Jessica Beck at Harvard Business School while taking a break from a hectic career in consulting and finance. During their time at Harvard, ladies tried to figure out a successful life balance between a great career and family life. They both …

Photo Credits: Banner in Beiing for the November 1996 w:Forum on China-Africa Cooperation by Stephen Walli - Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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The China-Africa Summit: Chinese Expansionism?

China has pledged $60bn to African development in the China-Africa Summit on 4 December. Since 2009, China has become Africa’s leading trading partner, with exports and imports of commodities, technology, oil, textile and cars. Optimists say the weighty business deals will bring common prosperity, but should the West worry about China’s …

Photo Credits: United Nations Climate Change Conference, Doha, Qatar, 2012 by Unclimatechange – Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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The Paris Climate Talks: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

New Year’s resolutions are typically about self-delusion and politicians have taken up climate change as their goal. Like a lot of us, they say “this time is for real” and “this time is different”. As we are approaching the Paris Climate Conference, everyone is anticipating a deal that will put …

United States
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Unemployment down in the United States. Never so low since April 2008

In the United States unemployment fell to 5%, a rate never so low since April 2008: there are 271.000 new jobs, while the analysts expected an increase of only 183.000 units. In October, the American companies have created many more jobs than expected and with high-speed, much more than in …

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Italian Public Employment: Always Outperformed, Never Outnumbered

Take an inefficient public administration, excessive public employment with low productivity and a repressed private entrepreneurship; mix them all together, et voilà: here you have a fairly accurate portrait of the ill Italian economy. Excessive Public Employment  To offer a practical example: November 2014 in Sicily (a region in Southern Italy) 66 public officials were …

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How Stable is the American Recovery Process?

The state of the current American Recovery seems to show that Obama’s presidency was not a failure, contrarily to what the results of the recent mid-term elections suggested. The Democratic party used Thanksgiving Day to newly highlight  president Obama’s successes and they did so by presenting on their website the so-called Official 2014 …

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American SMEs:Too Strong for Europe?

American and European differences in SMEs that should alter our approach to TTIP Domestic markets have a substantial impact on how nations approach international trade. Some countries, like Germany or Japan, cannot rely on internal demand to fire growth. China on the other hand has taken advantage of external interest in …

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Retirement Savings Behavior

From April this year, people who retire in the UK with defined contribution pensions will have complete control over how they access their retirement savings. Taxes on withdrawals will be lower, with the first 25% of the money you take out being tax-free. As long as you are over 55, …

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New Deal for European Union: Why not.

Is the European Union a fully democratic institution?  While the discussion on this topic is still open, one important tool to promote democracy is certainly the European Citizen Initiative: a law that gives the possibility to one million European citizens to present a proposal that the European Parliament has to …