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Greece Debt Crisis: Where did the money go?

Only 10% of money sent by Europe went to the Greek population. And the rest? Greece debt crisis: Where did the money go? The biggest part of this money went to private creditors and to save the banks. Between 2010 and 2012, the rescue fund of 24 billion euros was used only in …

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How Stable is the American Recovery Process?

The state of the current American Recovery seems to show that Obama’s presidency was not a failure, contrarily to what the results of the recent mid-term elections suggested. The Democratic party used Thanksgiving Day to newly highlight  president Obama’s successes and they did so by presenting on their website the so-called Official 2014 …

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China-India Trade Deals and Enduring Tensions

India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi has just returned from a landmark visit to China where the two countries signed trade deals worth more than $22 billion. From a narrow perspective it seems that common prosperity brings the two rising powers together. However, in the grander scheme of things, trade deals are not …