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Back to the Future: a Look Into a European History School Book Published in 2096

What will future generations think of us? How will they judge our actions? What will children learn in history class about how our generation dealt with current challenges? This article is what our journalist Sonja Wiencke thinks a school book for history will look like 80 years from now. Chapter I …

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Changing Italian Schools

Next year, something new is awaiting the Italian public school system. With a decree named “Buona Scuola”, high school students will have the possibility to choose among all the courses offered, the ones they like and they are interested in the most. “Students must follow their dreams and refine their talents“ …

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Shaping Teacher Incentives

Governments in charge of delivering public services, such as health and education, have recently turned their attention to policy instruments that increase incentives for productivity and quality of delivery, without substantially increasing costs. New Rules to Increase School Incentives One of such instruments is competition, generally obtained by allowing the mobility of users …

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Education USA: Keep Calm and Let Me Study

President Obama recently announced that he will call Congress to pass a legislation to make the first two years of education in Community College free for everyone who meets some academic credentials. Before analyzing the details of Obama’s proposal, it is important to explain what Community Colleges are. In the …

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Malala: Education and Women Empowerment

“A girl has the power to go forward in her life. And she’s not only a mother, she’s not only a sister, she’s not only a wife. But a girl should have an identity. She should be recognised, and she has equal rights as a boy.” Malala In her Nobel …

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The Right Price of Education

Socrates believed that education, paideia, is the process that enables individuals to become virtuous; he thought of knowledge as a process of self-discovery and imagined educators as guides during this long and harsh path. Socrates firmly claimed that education had no price and argued against sophists like Anaxagoras for charging …