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The “Migrant Crisis”: Narratives at a Dead End

The migrant crisis has brought much dissatisfaction amongst European citizens, and political pressures on their governments. As the EU struggles to handle the migrant crisis, Western and European media, as well as public discourse, are locked in a dead end between competing narratives of whether the migrants are guilty of the …

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Brexit: Agreement or compromise?

What’s Brexit? Brexit is an abbreviation for “British exit” that mirrors the term Grexit, which refers to the possibility of the Britain’s withdrawal from the  European Union. Great Britain, which has never adopted the euro currency, wants to withdrawal from the policies stipulated by the European Union and consequently from the …

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The True Story of the Migrant Crisis in Lesvos: #NoFilter.

Gaia Giletta is an Italian 25-year-old graduate student in Paediatric Nursing. She started doing her first volunteering experiences in high school and these eventually transformed into medical missions with the evolution of her professional formation. She went to Kenya 7 times, collaborating directly with an orphanage and with their heart …

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Greece Debt Crisis: Where did the money go?

Only 10% of money sent by Europe went to the Greek population. And the rest? Greece debt crisis: Where did the money go? The biggest part of this money went to private creditors and to save the banks. Between 2010 and 2012, the rescue fund of 24 billion euros was used only in …