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The Future of Immigration in Germany

Since the Paris Attacks and Cologne Sex Attacks, attitudes in Germany towards immigration have turned cold. Germany has accepted more refugees than its neighbours, and Merkel was initially praised for her magnanimous gesture. But the rising levels of discontent from citizens, the German parliament and the EU puts the future of immigration at question. How …

Front PageSpecial Edition: European Migrant CrisisWorld

Lessons learned from the refugee crisis in Hungary: Interview with Emma Polák

In the summer of 2015, Hungary filled the headlines of all major European newspapers with its treatment of thousands of passing migrants. Half a year later, I talk to Emma Polák, who is volunteering for Migration Aid, looking back and ahead at the situation of refugees in Hungary. First of …

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Syrian Refugees: the European Reaction

10.6 million Syrians have left their country: almost half of all the people in Syria. This is the dramatic result of an unrelenting and devastating war that started back in 2011, after the outbreak of protests against the government. Millions of women, children and men abandoned their beloved land and …