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How Stable is the American Recovery Process?

The state of the current American Recovery seems to show that Obama’s presidency was not a failure, contrarily to what the results of the recent mid-term elections suggested. The Democratic party used Thanksgiving Day to newly highlight  president Obama’s successes and they did so by presenting on their website the so-called Official 2014 …

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American SMEs:Too Strong for Europe?

American and European differences in SMEs that should alter our approach to TTIP Domestic markets have a substantial impact on how nations approach international trade. Some countries, like Germany or Japan, cannot rely on internal demand to fire growth. China on the other hand has taken advantage of external interest in …

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Women in Japan and Growth

The weak status of women in the Japanese professional environment has changed minimally throughout the past decades and the country’s economy is suffering from their absence. Le level of higher education in Japan is amongst the highest in the world, according to the OECD, but when women leave university their …