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Of mud, hope, and borders: inside Calais unofficial refugee camps

At the French coast, next to two ferry terminals leading to the UK, two refugee camps have been existing for years, though never officially recognised by the French authorities. Calais and Dunkerque have grown significantly in recent months, as it has been getting more and more difficult for the asylum …

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Retirement Savings Behavior

From April this year, people who retire in the UK with defined contribution pensions will have complete control over how they access their retirement savings. Taxes on withdrawals will be lower, with the first 25% of the money you take out being tax-free. As long as you are over 55, …

Christopher Prentice
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Interview with HM Uk Ambassador to Italy Cristopher Prentice.

In the frame of the fifth edition of  U.K. – Italy Springboard 2014, an entrepreneurial contest coordinated by UK Trade and Investment in cooperation with Morning Boost, Retrò Online had the pleasure and the honour to interview Christopher Prentice, Her Majesty’s Ambassador of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Italy. …

HE Asta Skaisgiryte Liauskiene
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Interview with HE Asta Skaisgiryte Liauskiene, Ambassador of Lithuania to the UK

Energetic and driven. These are probably the first things that come to your mind when you listen to HE Asta Skaisgiryte Liauskiene, the Lithuanian Ambassador for the United Kingdom. “When you go to politics, don’t be afraid to stand alone. Have your own views on whatever is happening and defend …