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Africa under the banner of Jihad

Terror’s future after the death of Bin Laden As the history of the twentieth and twenty-first century teaches us, Africa is a continent marked by wars of eternally warring factions, who side against one another committing – at times – the most horrendous crimes.What we are witnessing today in Africa are …

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The sunset of the Caliphate: the end of al-Baghdadi’s dream

The partition of Syria. The death of the Caliphate’s project What will the Caliphate’s future be? Maybe al-Baghdadi’s dream is arrived to an end. With the risk of a division of Syria, in the aftermath of the peace talks in Geneva, the dream of the Caliphate threatens to fail. Divisions in …

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Orphans of War in Eastern Ukraine

By Aleksandr Mykhaylenko translated by OLGA MAGALETSKAWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) Aleksandr Mykhajlenko (Donetsk, 1978), achieved a Master’s degree (1999-2005) in Russian philology  from the National University of Donetsk. Since 2015 he works as a journalist for the “Gazeta” in Kiev.  Ukraine’s children of war Donetsk, August 2015. I am …

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What is really going on in Eastern Ukraine?

Interview with Andrea Cellino – Former Team Leader of the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine for OSCE Andrea Cellino is a former team leader of the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) where he has worked from April 2014 to September …

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Bearing witness in eastern Ukraine: the chronicle of a silent war

Some claim that the war in eastern Ukraine does not exist: it is only a strategic gesture of politically sponsored media outlets. Some speak of a silent war, which hardly claimed any victims. Nevertheless, the war in eastern Ukraine does exist. It exists as much as the airport of Donetsk, which …

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When Rape Becomes Another Weapon of War

In late October, Radio Dabanga aka “ Rape Radio ”, a small radio station of Darfur, reported the rape of more than 200 women and girls in the village of Tabid. Albeit the atrocity of the event, the international focus shifted to the truthfulness of the news reported, since UNAMID, …