Flavia Pennetta wins US Open WTA final against her countrywoman and friend Roberta Vinci

It was going to be a historic moment in sports either way. For the first time ever, a Grand Slam tournament title was going to be contended by two Italians. Both Flavia Pennetta and Roberta Vinci would have become the oldest winner of a Slam title of the Open era. This game was also going to be the first final on a hardcourt played by an Italian athlete. Last but not least, the US Open final was the first for both Pennetta and Vinci in their careers.

Pennetta – Vinci, the match

After Ciara’s opening ceremony, the US Open final would begin, Vinci served first. After three games, the server only conceded 2 points (40-0 Vinci, 40-15 Pennetta, 40-15 Vinci). Pennetta then broke Vinci in game 5, with her seventh break point (40-A). It took one break point for Vinci to break Pennetta back and tie the score 4-4. First set went on to tiebreak: Vinci lost two service points and Pennetta found herself one set ahead (1-0, 7-6 (4)).

Set 2 lasted just over half an hour. Pennetta broke Vinci in games 2 and 4, as she also got through a break point in game 3. She was up 4-0 in no time. Vinci would not let Pennetta get her US Open title that easily, and broke her opponent back in game 5 and winning game 6 (4-2). Flavia Pennetta ended the contest in the next two games, as she broke Vinci once again with what was her match point (2-0; 7-6(4), 6-2).

Pennetta – Vinci, the stats

Flavia won her US Open title mostly thanks to 28 winners and 30 unforced errors by her opponent. She also had 4 aces, while Vinci had none. Moreover she won 8 of 10 games while serving and won 4 of 11 break points in 10 games.

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Thomas Pullin

Thomas Pullin