Our Mission

In 2014, The International Post Magazine was launched as a free online newspaper briefing on global affairs, business, world politics and much more. The International Post Magazine is based in London but has contributors writing from all over the world. All the journalists of TIP Magazine are university students or young professionals specialised in different fields, who use their academic and professional knowledge to provide readers with more insightful and analytical editorials.

The aim of TIP Magazine is to offer new perspectives on world affairs through the eyes of young and curious observers.

The Idea

We believed there was a need in the media for a young magazine that could reunite passionate university students from all over the world and offer a unique combination of perspectives and analysis on global news.

TIP Magazine is the English partner of a group of online newspapers all managed by young people and based in different countries. This format is successfully expanding through Europe. For example, our Italian partner, Retro Online, was born in 2011 and is now a very successful digital newspaper that counts 13’000+ followers around the world and more than 70 active journalists all between 18 and 30.

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Retro Online

By providing online-only news, we hope to satisfy some of the needs that are not fulfilled by traditional paper newspapers. In particular, we want our magazine to be a dynamic experience for those who read it. On TIP Magazine you can find articles, watch videos, listen to interviews and you can also speak directly to the journalists by commenting on their articles.

Want to work with us?

The International Post Magazine continues to grow and flourish and we are always looking for talented new journalists to expand our magazine. Digital journalism is not just about writing, but it is also involves photography, filming, Twitter and social media management, working on Search Engine Optimisation and most of all it requires a good amount of passion. If you are interested in collaborating with us and become part of our team look at our Career Page to check the vacant positions.


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