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What Happens to Schengen after the Paris Attacks?

Schengen: Flagship European Policy  Paulina lives in Słubice, Poland, on the east bank of the Oder. It used to be the case that she had to cross a border control and identify to attend school on the other side of the river. Now a university student, Paulina continues to cross the border …

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Catalonia’s Electoral Hijack

Catalonia ‘s Secession: The Upcoming Referendum Referenda are political tools with distinctive traits. Power being delegated to the people engenders direct democracy, emphasizing outcome legitimacy. This type of vote offers the ever so comfortable characteristic of inversely taking responsibility off the shoulders of the political class. The more controversial the policy, …

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American SMEs:Too Strong for Europe?

American and European differences in SMEs that should alter our approach to TTIP Domestic markets have a substantial impact on how nations approach international trade. Some countries, like Germany or Japan, cannot rely on internal demand to fire growth. China on the other hand has taken advantage of external interest in …

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Juncker’s Promises: Seven Months On

The election of Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission was an extraordinarily political one for communitarian standards. As those who recall David Cameron’s uneasy summer will confirm, the process was marked by more or less strict respect for the rule that the top Commission officer shall be chosen in line …