March on Washington for Gun Control in 2013 by Slowking4 - Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons

Orlando Shootings: Why Gun Control is Out of the Question

Our hearts go out to the victims who died in the Orlando Shootings on 12 June. The massacre goes down as another one of America’s gun violence statistics. The attack is categorised as a terrorist act and hate crime, but the conversation has been diverted away from gun control. The …

Presidents Ilham Aliyev, Vladmir Putin and Serzh Sargsyan by - Licensed by Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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Azerbaijan’s Predicament in the Nagorno-Karabakh Row

Peace talks have proven to be difficult for Russia as it tries to negotiate settlements between Armenia and Azerbaijan’s fight over Nagorno-Karabakh. In early April Replica Handbags, Baku’s and Yerevan’s military confrontation has claimed more than 100 lives. The conflict has unleashed bottled-up nationalism and rivalry in both sides as they blame each other of …

Photo credits: Kurdish female fighters of the YPJ defending Rojava by Free Kurdistan – Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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Will Syrian-Kurds Get Semi-Autonomous Rule in Syria?

While major powers are squabbling in the Syrian peace talks, the Syrian-Kurds are lobbying to also participate in the Geneva talks. Their goal is to establish semi-autonomous rule in Northern Syria. The Syrian-Kurds have taken advantage of the five-year war to extend their territories; and with their major role in fighting the Islamic …

Vladmir Putin by Mariajoner – Licensed by Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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Has Russia Achieved its Goals in Syria?

When Russia intervened in the Syrian conflict late last year, they boasted they would bring an end to the war. And now, peace talks are happening in Geneva; Syrians face uncertainties about their country’s fate while the international community worry if there will be greater instability in the region. While the world panics, …

The statues of Kim Il Sung (left) and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill in Pyongyang by J.A. de Roo - Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons

What Does North Korea Really Want Us?

The year 2016 kicked off with North Korea announcing it detonated a hydrogen bomb test. This time, Pyongyang has pushed world leaders like the US to introduce tougher sanctions to curtail the country’s nuclear capabilities. This is not the first time the evasive state has disobeyed international protocol, yet Pyongyang has …

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The Future of Immigration in Germany

Since the Paris Attacks and Cologne Sex Attacks, attitudes in Germany towards immigration have turned cold. Germany has accepted more refugees than its neighbours, and Merkel was initially praised for her magnanimous gesture. But the rising levels of discontent from citizens, the German parliament and the EU puts the future of immigration at question. How …

Iranian Tomcats formation flight by Shahram Sharifi - Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License via Wikimedia Commons Iranian Tomcats formation flight by Shahram Sharifi - Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License via Wikimedia Commons
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The Iran and Saudi Arabia Rivalry

Saudi Arabia’s execution of 47 Saudi-Shias and their cleric leader, Nimr al-Nimr, has further aggravated Iran and Saudi Arabia relations. Nimr’s death is not just about the Saudi-Shia’s rights movement, but it is the Middle East’s two leading powers’ struggle for power in the region. Who was Nimr al-Nimr? Nimr Baqir al-Nimr …


The Biggest Moments of 2015

2015 is almost coming to an end so let’s review what events have made international headlines. 7 January, Charlie Hebdo Shootings, Paris Gunmen stormed into the satirical magazine’s offices and murdered 10 journalists, and killed two policemen during their escape. The attacks were in response to the magazine’s latest depiction of …

Photo Credits: Street in Kathmandu by Pavel Novak – Licensed under Creative Commons by Wikimedia Commons

Is Population Control The Answer To Stopping Climate Change?

Population control was not discussed in the Paris Climate Talks although it seems to be the obvious answer to all our problems. Environmentalists have, for many years, forecast a dystopia future if the earth is overpopulated. So what are the factors that make population control unfavourable? A more crowded Earth? In the 1950s, the …

Photo Credits: Banner in Beiing for the November 1996 w:Forum on China-Africa Cooperation by Stephen Walli - Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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The China-Africa Summit: Chinese Expansionism?

China has pledged $60bn to African development in the China-Africa Summit on 4 December. Since 2009, China has become Africa’s leading trading partner, with exports and imports of commodities, technology, oil, textile and cars. Optimists say the weighty business deals will bring common prosperity, but should the West worry about China’s …