Logo of Boko Haram by Arnold Platon - Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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The Secret Strategies of Isis and Boko Haram in Libya

The new alliance of Boko Haram with Isis could further disrupt the fate of Libya. The terror groups have paved themselves a new path of jihadism to cinch control of the volatile North African region and its migration routes. The UN quickly held a meeting on 13 May in which …

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Africa under the banner of Jihad

Terror’s future after the death of Bin Laden As the history of the twentieth and twenty-first century teaches us, Africa is a continent marked by wars of eternally warring factions, who side against one another committing – at times – the most horrendous crimes.What we are witnessing today in Africa are …

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The sunset of the Caliphate: the end of al-Baghdadi’s dream

The partition of Syria. The death of the Caliphate’s project What will the Caliphate’s future be? Maybe al-Baghdadi’s dream is arrived to an end. With the risk of a division of Syria, in the aftermath of the peace talks in Geneva, the dream of the Caliphate threatens to fail. Divisions in …

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Brexit: Agreement or compromise?

What’s Brexit? Brexit is an abbreviation for “British exit” that mirrors the term Grexit, which refers to the possibility of the Britain’s withdrawal from the  European Union. Great Britain, which has never adopted the euro currency, wants to withdrawal from the policies stipulated by the European Union and consequently from the …

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Reporters Without Borders: The Round-up of Journalists Killed Worldwide 2015

The balance of Reporters Without Borders is cruel. Yes, a strong word, how strong must be the reaction of those who imagine the job of a reporter. The non-governmental organization (RSF) reports of about 110 journalists killed in 2015, bearing in mind that two-thirds of these victims died in countries where …

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Unemployment down in the United States. Never so low since April 2008

In the United States unemployment fell to 5%, a rate never so low since April 2008: there are 271.000 new jobs, while the analysts expected an increase of only 183.000 units. In October, the American companies have created many more jobs than expected and with high-speed, much more than in …

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Massacres in Chad and Somalia. New acts of terrorism

Terror in Somalia and Chad New violences in Africa. Now it’s the time of Mogadishu, Somalia, where an armed group called Al Shabab has attacked a hotel in the heart of the capital of Somalia. Someone talks about twenty victims. And in the same hour in Chad there was another …

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Bearing witness in eastern Ukraine: the chronicle of a silent war

Some claim that the war in eastern Ukraine does not exist: it is only a strategic gesture of politically sponsored media outlets. Some speak of a silent war, which hardly claimed any victims. Nevertheless, the war in eastern Ukraine does exist. It exists as much as the airport of Donetsk, which …

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Greece Debt Crisis: Where did the money go?

Only 10% of money sent by Europe went to the Greek population. And the rest? Greece debt crisis: Where did the money go? The biggest part of this money went to private creditors and to save the banks. Between 2010 and 2012, the rescue fund of 24 billion euros was used only in …

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The War of digital communication between Isis and the Egyptian army

The Battle of the Sinai. Isis on the one side, and Egypt on the other. And propaganda is at the centre of the media scene. Two opposing versions of the war fought around Sheick Zwuaid. The Isis’ video shows a blown up Egyptian military vehicle and a helicopter shot down, …