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A burden or an asset? The economic impact of immigration in Italy

This article was written by TORTUGA: a student led think-tank of Economics students from Bocconi and LSE University. Its current members are Andrea Cerrato, Francesco Chiocchio, Marco Felici, Francesco Filippucci, Giulia Gitti, Alessandro Greco,Cecilia Mariotti, Alberto Mola, Marco Palladino, Benedetta Pavesi, Isabella Rossi, Matteo Sartori, Giulia Travaglini, Francesca Viotti, Alessandro Zhou e Alessandro Zona. …

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Raising wages: how much?

The public debate around labour market institutions in the US is currently focused on the minimum wage. President Barack Obama has repeatedly proposed a raise in the minimum wage (now at $7.25/hour) at federal level from the beginning of his second term, but no wide consensus has been reached upon …