Logo of Boko Haram by Arnold Platon - Licensed under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons
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The Secret Strategies of Isis and Boko Haram in Libya

The new alliance of Boko Haram with Isis could further disrupt the fate of Libya. The terror groups have paved themselves a new path of jihadism to cinch control of the volatile North African region and its migration routes. The UN quickly held a meeting on 13 May in which …

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The Future of Immigration in Germany

Since the Paris Attacks and Cologne Sex Attacks, attitudes in Germany towards immigration have turned cold. Germany has accepted more refugees than its neighbours, and Merkel was initially praised for her magnanimous gesture. But the rising levels of discontent from citizens, the German parliament and the EU puts the future of immigration at question. How …

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Migration and the Western Balkans

The Balkans are a popular migration route as they are the bridge between Europe and the Middle East. Refugees and migrants are desperately moving onwards as quickly as possible. They run against the clock, for they fear that borders ahead of them will close, as the UN refugee agency affirmed. Following the …